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fool me once...

Best April Fool’s joke?

Those fat snowflakes blowing sideways out my window. I look again at the calendar and confirm that it is indeed April 1st. With no boys at home to play jokes these days, I’ll laugh at that joke of a snow, ha-ha-ha, you can’t fool me into thinking it’s not spring.

There are too many robins hopping around my yard pulling up fat worms, and the red winged blackbird with their distinct whistle of a tweet, is a definite sign that winter is finished, do you here me winter? It's over!

Daffodils and tulips are poking their leaves up through the sleepy ground and I know those colorful first blooms are close behind.

Overhead the long-legged cranes echo each other with not even a care who hears their raucous conversation, and the v's of honking geese have been following their leaders north for weeks now.

The chipmunks are out of hibernation, those frisky squirrels are chasing each other up and down the trees and that cute little downy woodpecker is back with his rat-a-tat-tat (x’s a hundred miles an hour) hollowing out a hole for their nest.

And those spring peepers… is it my imagination that they’re louder than ever? It must be the best of reunions with the ear-splitting hello and how are yous filling the air.

You may already be enjoying climbing temperatures where you are, but here in Wisconsin we have another month or so for consistent warmth.

I can't wait to be on my back deck where my favorite outdoor place to write is waiting for me. I'm working on a couple new projects but since I have an appointment with an agent in June (!) I'm hard at work on the last few stories in the ‘Emmie Jane, Fruit of the Spirit’ series. What better inspiration than outside with all the critters I love, the warm sun peeking through the trees and the birds competing with their good morning songs.

Hey, I almost forgot the caterpillars! Have you seen any yet where you live? We've got another few weeks here, but their lives are so short with such rapid change, it fascinates me. The butterflies and moths lay their eggs between February and April and then hatch about 4 days later, ferociously eating their way to the next stage of their lives. If you want to know more, here is a link to a fun site that teaches kids and nature loving adults too. https://www.kidsbutterfly.org/life-cycle

I’ll be posting pictures of all the different ones I can find and I’d love to see what you find too. Send your pictures to my email susanlindstrombooks@gmail.com and I’ll post them too.

Emmie Jane’s caterpillar, Daisy, is a Yellow Woolly Bear Caterpillar, let’s see if anyone can find one of those!

The worst April fool’s joke? Back east somewhere, many moons ago, a carload of teenage friends and I were excited for the new season to open at the local drive-in theater. We pooled our money on the way and coming up short, we flipped a coin to see who would sneak in.

I was the lucky loser and grateful when a friend said he'd joined me. We talked and fast-walked for about a mile, arriving to see a totally empty drive-in theater. Standing at the edge of the woods, we caught our breath waiting for cars to show up. Twenty minutes passed before we called it and headed back the way we came. Secretly glad I didn't have to go through with it, I non-the-less participated in some pretty decent grumbling.

Our feet crunched pine needles while owls hooted overhead as we pulled jackets tight against the chill of the night and discussed which of our idiot friends thought the theater was open. Relieved to see the ol’ station wagon waiting for us, we ran the last quarter of a mile and hopped in shivering and rattling off questions like, “who’s the dope, and what in the world happened?” It wasn’t until we saw that no one would look at or answer us, that we quieted.

“April Fool’s day!” they shouted, sounding so proud of themselves. As my friend and I sat fuming, those “friends” relived the whole thing, joking and laughing so hard I hoped they'd wet their pants. I never did find out if it was a planned prank or an after thought to save face.

But I’ll take snow in April over a joke like that any day.

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